Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anaheim reports dramatic drop in crime solving | police, crime, solving - News - The Orange County Register

Anaheim reports dramatic drop in crime solving | police, crime, solving - News - The Orange County Register

Since 2002, the Anaheim Police Department's budget has grown by 60 percent, to $114 million, but now includes fewer positions.
Police officials said staffing cuts and crime levels might be related to the crime-solving decline, but the connection isn't clear. At times, staffing levels and clearance rates have moved in opposite directions, and crime levels have only risen in recent years.
Staffing grew slightly between 2002 and 2009 while the city's clearance rate fell from 72 percent to 42 percent. Then, the number of Police Department positions dropped substantially and the rate stayed about the same.
Conklin and Kerry Condon, head of the Anaheim police officers' union, said recent cuts have indirectly pressured violent crime investigators. Exactly how is something like a ripple effect.
When the budget ax fell, the department spared emergency functions and its violent crime units, and slashed its property crime units. Fewer detectives were assigned to investigate burglaries, stolen cars and other thefts.

A few years back, I, your neighbor had my garage broken into and my wife had the receipts for what had been stolen and having bought the items from Wal-mart the serial numbers were on the receipt.  A friend of a neighbors son told me that another friend had seen my garage with the door open one day and had come back late at night to lift the far side of the garage door slip in and pull the stuff to the door and out.  I reported this to the Police detective in charge of my case by leaving a message on his voice mail.  He was out on a leave of absence.  A cancer he later said it was.  No one worked the case and yes I was told this.  I went to the accused kids home and I could clearly see one of my stolen pieces from the window beside the front door.  I could clearly see a mark I put on my stuff ( A green paint dot for example).  I called the Anaheim PD  Detective and was told that he had a THOUSAND more important cases ahead of mine and that having to constantly talk to me was keeping him from solving cases.  We argued and I went to the station to get the police report.  I paid $3.00 and saw that the information that was given to them was not in the report I paid for.

  you have had wheels taken off your car,  you've had catalytic converters cut right off your vehicles  You've been told to fill out the report online and then never hear from the police about it.  I can think of a about 9 to a dozen burglaries, car break-ins, garage break-ins on Crossbow ln. alone that have not been solved.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We're Back

Its been since late summer that we've been away but we're back and ready to help.  I'm sorry for the other articles that have popped up unrelated to Suttercreek Condo's.  I've fixed the routeing error that had caused it.  In other words; My Bad.

Monday, March 25, 2013

San Carlos Residents Warned Of ‘Door-Knock’ Burglaries « CBS San Francisco

San Carlos Residents Warned Of ‘Door-Knock’ Burglaries « CBS San Francisco

This stuff has happened around here too.

It could be as innocent looking as people selling magazines or sliding business cards onto your winshield.

  There's really no good reason for them to be that close to your car to where they can check out whats inside, look for a blinking security light or an unlocked door.

Whats happened in the article is someone knocking and if there is no answer the place could be targeted. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning or Summer Rehab?

We've got some major work going on here in Sutter Creek Condos.

Many of us use the Mailbox on Downey and Vancouver and have wondered what was causing the HOA to allow the exterior of  one of the units to get so bad.

Well not to make excuses but the funds just haven't been available for what was once just an aesthetics issue/ problem (appearance) when put up against the structural problems of rotting staircases and collapsing patio decks.  For several years we've had empty units that weren't paying Association dues and we've also had neighbors who for whatever reason have not been able to pay their dues.  Couple that with the bills that the HOA must pay without fail (liability insurance, lawn-care and maintenance, pool cleaning, maintaining a Property management company) and you'll soon see that times have been incredibly tight.

This company Merrill, has the confidence of our board and have completed many projects in this community so to them we say "Welcome and Good Work!"    

Saturday, August 4, 2012

What's that truck doing parked on the lawn?

If the sprinkler system is broken by this or any truck that pulls up on our lawn who pays for the repair?

                   We all do if we don't know who brought this service onto our community's grounds.  We're not prying into anyone's  personal affairs or are being petty.  So we ask?   Did someone call a plumber from within the Sutter Creek Community?  If so who?

Others believe that the HOA dues/fees we pay should more than cover the costs.  Well here's the bad news on that.  We have unoccupied units which means the dues/fees are not paid.  We also have units who either cannot or have not for any of many reasons not paid their HOA dues/fees.  We thus operate with less funds.
If the truck were to have broken a pipe the repair costs are an extra charge that we'd all have to pay by compromising the remaining funds available.

Others believe the magical Insurance fairy should pick up the tab.  Well that's always funny to hear.  That means that beside the Premium which we pay every month there's a deductible that needs to be paid before the Magical Insurance Fairy even considers if the break is covered in the policy.  If it were covered would we want to risk raising our premiums over such a relatively small incident.

It's not fair that every unit that is occupied has not paid thier association dues because it then falls on the rest to carry an extra heavy burden.

As Margaret Thatcher has said.  "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money." 

Please let a board member or this Community based web site know of the goings on so that we can hopefully prevent any undue costs such as possibly repairing broken plumbing lines caused by service companies hired by the FOLKS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The email function had to be changed. We found a better way. Just click on the "e-mail us" link to the left.

Its like Ben Franklin really said:  If at first you don't succeed its because you failed.

There is no sense in having a neighborhood Watch tool that invades your privacy and that tool didn't need to know anything about any of you other than your Email address and then only your email address if you wanted to be alerted to something important to you.

We've got a link here on the left side of the page that says email us and that should serve the purpose.

If it doesn't work for you then call me John Power at 714-553-4096 and I'll try to find out why my latest attempt has failed you.  So please forgive the bumps in the road as we are nearly there.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My cars been looted!!! What do I do?

Well folks I awoke this morning and what did I see in front of my house but a bunch of tatoo'd and scruffy looking folks going through one of our neighbors cars and taking off in a van with a dealer plate on the back. I got my flip video camera and attempted to get a visual record of who and what they looked like.

Suggestion number one:  roll up your windows because these folks didn't even open the cars doors.


Suggestion number two:  hold camera still or look through the monitor while filming.  My bad!  But I did freeze frame some parts of the video.

I went to the owner of the car which was relieved of some packages and sought to inform him but he said that these people were allowed to get their luggage out of the backseat of his car because they had just moved here from Florida.

I'm sorry, but that don't look like luggage that was carried off.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey, my plumbings broken. Who do I call and who's responsible for the cost?

On Crossbow ln. this scene is all too familiar.  A pipe has given way to age, or roots, or even the material the pipe was made out of.  Who's responsible for this?  Who should we call?

Well, you the homeowner are responsible.  I've been through this and its not fun.  The fact of the matter is from the meter to the tap its the homeowner who is responsible.

The company who is most familiar with this line of work and has done the job many times in this HOA is    butinsplumbing.net


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wow! Bank Robberies, Possums and Parties, just another day in Sutter Creek!

If you awoke to helicopters then you missed the bank robbery at Bank Of America on Brookhurst and Ball. Yes, there was a reason for the helicopter and as you could guess I was complaining about the noise.  I hope they caught the robber(S).  We don't need our neighborhood to be seen as an easy target for thieves.

If you were one lucky resident then you were greeted by a possum on her porch.  Yeah, I know they're spelled Opossum.  Still it looks like a rat to me.
She felt better when the young marsupial (Like a Kangaroo they carry baby in a baby pouch )was sent down the stairs and off to his affairs.

Now with all the Chaos and commotion in our rear view mirror its time for a Party!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Contact Your version of Neighborhood Watch

This should link to the Suttercreekhoa@gmail.com account.  From there a notification should go out by smart phone, gadget, device, whatever to a couple of us who will in turn attempt to respond, and assist in a neighborly manner. Let's get some communication through the site or change the site to adapt.  This might be obsolete by morning.